Community Built E-ink Laptop Project

I’m a community organizer, educator, software engineer, hacktivist, and agent of social change.

My interests are in exploring community-building, social justice, education, and leveraging technology to address social problems.

In the past, I’ve worked as a labor rights organizer, a teacher, and I’m currently an Expert In Residence at Resilient Coders.

Alexander Soto

Project Lead

Core Team

We are EI-2030

  • To generate interest in the idea of creating a laptop using non-emissive displays.
  • To iterate, test ideas, document, and show our work.
  • Create a crowdsource campaign after the successful creation of a minimum viable product.
  • Bring the MVP to a manufacturer and build at scale.


Working Groups

  • Led by one or two people as leads.
  • Defines a metric/cost for who the device is for.
  • Working groups are time-boxed defined.
  • A "template" provided for the working groups to start and self-organize.

Working Groups Contd.

  • The working group documents its process in a designated website, forum, Github, a build log.
  • Share resources/knowledge/material/monetary.
  • Generate interest, share our work with others.
  • Iterate, iterate and iterate.

Working Group:


Objective: The objective of the PaperTop is to explore creating an e-ink laptop using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, Pi-Top and an e-ink panel. Explore what other single board computers could be supported with the chasis. Explore what modifications could be done to the Pi-top and what is and is not possible.




Dasung Paperlike HD-FT



Our students spend 20 weeks with us, learning object-oriented programming principles, through the vehicle of full stack javascript; that's vanilla JS, React, Express, Node, and PostgreSQL.

Resilient Coders

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